Project registration

Language courses for participants not eligible for admission to FAU

  • German courses from level A2, 8 hours per week
  • Bridging courses A 1.2 to A 2.2 given by voluntary tutors
  • Courses in Erlangen and Nuremberg

Language courses for participants admitted to FAU

  • Intensive holiday courses
  • Preparatory German course leading to the German language examination required for university study (DSH) starting on level B2, 20 h/week (with own contribution)


  • Orientation advice, definitive clarification of right to university entrance
  • Targeted further recommendations for refugees without university entrance qualifications

Preparation for study at university

  • Whole day study orientation tutorials
  • Taster courses and preparatory courses
  • Use of the university library

The FAU refugee project is aimed at interested parties who plan to study at the University.

You can participate if you:

  • are an asylum seeker or registered refugee
  • hold qualifications that entitle you to study in Germany
  • already have German language skills at Level B1.

Register here:

Refugee Team

FAU Integra

Helmstraße 1
91054 Erlangen

You will require the following documents for registration:

  • Your identity document
  • Certificates from your home country
  • Proof of ongoing or completed higher education courses
  • Language certificates

To register, you will need to complete a form; one of our team members will help you with this. You will receive personal counselling in which you will be provided with initial advice on which subject is most appropriate for you.

To be able to study at FAU, you will require university entrance qualifications as well as proof of German language skills at Level B1. Please make an appointment with a study advisor for the faculty in question before submitting your application.

The following includes information on the language certificates accepted by the Admissions Office and what certificates entitle you to study without taking the DSH examination.

Participation in a DSH preparatory course is only possible once you have been granted admission to university. In order to be permitted to take the DSH examination, you must first sit and pass an examination to confirm that you have Level B2 German language skills. If you already hold a corresponding language certificate (see link), you can also register directly for the examination.
Once you have passed the DSH examination or if you already hold a corresponding external language certificate (see link), you will be able to register with the Student Records Office after you have received a letter of admission to FAU.