The Forum

The INTEGRA coordination centre is responsible for…


The ‘Study orientation for refugees’ programme“

An academic programme on the integration process

Public information on integration

It is aimed at…


  • Refugees (students and academics)
  • Mentors and volunteers
Academic cooperation partners (including refugee academics) and university members The regional and national public

It has specific tasks in the following areas …














Supporting refugees

Coordination of taster courses
Coordination of German courses in preparation for study at the university
Supervision of the tandem programme:
  • Intercultural training for mentors
  • Regular meetings of all parties




Academic networking:


  • Networking of FAU research projects on integration
  • Organisation of a lecture series on integration during the summer semester
  • Organisation of a cultural forum with an interactive programme during the winter semester
  • Workshops for FAU students, e.g. as part of the ‘Ethics of Text Cultures’ degree programme

Public relations work:


  • A website listing all FAU activities pertaining to refugees
  • Print media with information on the semester programme
  • Co-operation with regional daily newspapers
  • Promoting the lecture series to the public
  • Contact with inter-regional institutions

Main contact persons:

Elzbieta Kocur Timo Sestu Timo Sestu