About us


The Forum for Integration and Intercultural Dialogue, FAU INTEGRA, has been the central point of contact for all activities at FAU involving refugees since 2015.
FAU INTEGRA coordinates and organises advice and courses for refugees at FAU and is a driving force behind academic exchange on the topics of ‘refugees, migration, integration and interculturality’ at FAU and beyond.
The project has two aims. Firstly, it offers support to qualified refugees with or without a degree who would like to start a degree programme or a career. Secondly, FAU INTEGRA holds various events to consolidate the existing academic expertise at FAU about issues related to refugees, integration and mobility and to engage in dialogue with the public outside the University.
FAU INTEGRA was launched with the help of resources provided for the interdisciplinary Master’s degree course in ‘Ethics of Text Cultures’ at the Chair of Modern German Literature (Prof. Christine Lubkoll). The Master’s degree programme continues to be one of the most important cooperation partners of the project.
The activities and services provided by FAU INTEGRA are supported and funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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